Pool for fitness and fun

With an urban lifestyle, this fibreglass swimming pool is ideally suited for narrow blocks and serious swimmers.

And with our unique technology, we are able to build custom-length fibreglass pools. If you were dreaming about an extra long lap pool but did not want to go for concrete, Fastlane is the perfect choice for you… This fibreglass lap pool is designed to suit those who like to live life in the fast lane.

Safety features for kids

Perfect for swimming laps

Compass fibreglass pool shape Fastlane 10.3

Fastlane 10.3 pool dimensions

Awesome pool features

Like the other swimming pool shapes in our portfolio, each Fastlane pool comes with all the benefits and innovative features of Compass Pools.

You can select any Bi-luminite or Vivid colour for your new pool, add a spa to it to create a pool & spa combo or use the other unique customisation options we offer such as adding a beach or water features to your pool.

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Tough and durable pool thanks to the patented ceramic core
Protects your pool against unexpected hydrostatic events
Option of having a pool that cleans itself
Enhanced cosmetic protection and structural warranty

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